About Us

Our mission at NeedBalance is to provide our customers a cost-effective avenue to reach a high-quality of life by offering only the best products tested by NeedBalance itself.

We promote natural health implementation of the human body’s self-healing and regulatory process, to accomplish these results naturally. To arrive at this goal NeedBalance has sampled a cross selection of products offered in today’s market place and has narrowed it down to the products we offer today.

Fundamental Principles of Natural Health:

  1. Stop the reason why the condition was contracted
  2. Feed the body with Natural Energy
  3. Initiate body evacuation of toxic substances
  4. Stimulate the human energy system

Clinical research indicates that most people are nutritionally deficient and internally toxic from consumption of the Standard American Diet, which is the primary cause of most ill-health today. The body will heal itself with the correct and proper fuel.

When the body does not receive vital nutrients from a plant-based diet and is fed with synthetic chemicals, degeneration begins and premature aging prevails. That’s why “natural health” is so very important in our fast-track society. Only natural plant-life contains life-giving nutrients. Feed the body with ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS and watch the natural healing process begin!

Stay Fit, Happy & Healthy….